Free Software Movement of Maharashtra (FSMM)

Free Software Movement of Maharashtra believes that users of software should also be creators of software. People should have equal access to the code -- knowledge and data -- that plays a crucial role in their lives.

Digital Technology has entered our economic activity, our social relations and our public space. Originally imagined as a peer to peer unintermediated global network today's internet is dominated by a handful of monopolies. Equality of access and democratic governance of digital tech will determine the future of democracy in human society.

The Free Software Movement of Maharashtra along with its coalition members of FSM India work towards strengthening freedom and democracy by advocating for equality in technology. Free Software Movement Maharashtra (FSMM) is a member of the Free Software Movement of India,  a national coalition of various regional and sectoral free software movements operating in different parts of India. 

The founding meeting of FSMM was held at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay on 4 May 2013. The Outcome of meeting is documented in the link.


Lets Celebrate The Struggle For Women's Rights and Gender Equality in Free and Open Source Software